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My first experience with art was sketching with my father by the side of the road on a Sunday afternoon. He was an architect, an art lover and thinker. While he encouraged me to pursue my creativity in any area of the arts where I found inspiration, he realistically pointed out the challenges of actually earning a living at it. I listened, did my practical best and got a BA with a French major (I’m still a big Francophile today). Outside of classes at university, I got very involved in dance through musical theatre. I took the leap and studied and performed dance for years.

After 6 months of dance, theatre and photography in Mexico, I was lured into moving to New York. I loved the “can do” energy and designed, made and sold hand painted table accessories, photo frames and window shades. A line of handmade plexiglass Jewellery was followed by the offer of a scholarship to study metalworking at The Crafts Students League. I describe my first class as being “transformative”, the process of soldering as “magical, primitive, elemental” – I was really awed that fire could change metal, seemingly so hard and inflexible, into a malleable material with which to work. I returned to Vancouver after 3 exciting, inspiring years at CSL with Tamiko Kawata Ferguson. In February 2014 I moved to a studio in my neighbourhood, a rapidly changing part of East Vancouver, with 2 jewellers and a leather worker.

I display and sell my work at markets and shows in Vancouver and elsewhere and am a member of Circle Craft Co-op and Vancouver Metal Arts Association. At Circle Craft I have had a solo exhibition, “Convolutions & Digressions” and a collaborative show with Diana Sanderson, ”A Twisted Exchange”. I also spent a year on the board as Gallery chair.

My first room, San Miguel de Allende, Mexico


Extra special thank you to my talented product photographers: Goran Basaric, Suzanne Goodwin, Heather Johnston and Tamea Burd. Thank you!