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Etudes d'Eté - Pearls

This series reflects my appreciation of an Asian aesthetic of simple beauty. I use clean, graphic lines to highlight a single fresh water pearl to create a contemporary look. The earrings can be worn to complement a classic necklace of many pearls in sequence.

The earrings shown are sterling silver but they are also available in either 14K or 18k yellow gold. In the case of the “X” earrings they can be made in a combination of silver and gold. Either blue black or pinkish white pearls can be chosen for any style.

Pieces (7)
#5 Black Pearl X Earring
Your Price: $220.00
#4 Twisted Hoop Pearl Earring
Your Price: $165.00
Stud Black Pearl Earring
Your Price: $148.00
#1 Petit Pearl Earring
Your Price: $135.00
#5 White Pearl X Earring
Your Price: $220.00
Stud White Pearl Earring
Your Price: $148.00
#1 Pearl Earring
Your Price: $155.00